Monrobot Computers - Overview


Monroe was a successful US mechanical calculator company and made a strong transition into the electronic calculation and data processing era.

Monroe calculators are described in the Calculators section.

Monroe also produced the Monrobot line of small computers and a number of these are described in the 1961 ABRL survey document. Monrobot computers did not make the transition from the transistor era and the Monrobot line appears to end in the middle 1960s as transistor machines were superseded by integrated circuits.



Monrobot XI

The Monrobot XI may have been the last Monrobot computer. It was a small business computer, built to the scale of an office desk and able to operate from standard office power. Peripherals were typically typewriters, paper tape and magnetic cards. There was no magnetic tape facility and so data was stored on long punched tapes or on magnetic cards, this was consistent with the Monrobot being used in a smaller office environment, rather than for mass data processing in a large organisation.

No examples of the Monrobot XI are know to exist.

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