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Monrobot XI Computer

The Monrobot XI was a small business computer and surviving advertising materials clearly pitch it at businesses that could benefit from data processing but were too small to have a dedicated computer staff.

The machine itself was built to fit into a conventional office environment and operated without special power or air conditioning requirements. The input-output devices were IBM electric typewriters with appropriate modifications, other typical peripherals were paper tape reader/punches and magnetic cards. Magnetic tape drives were not available. These peripherals were generally familiar and non-threatening, allowing general office workers to easily begin to use a computer.

The Monrobot XI appears to be the last of the Monrobot line. It was a discrete component all-transistor machine with magnetic drum main memory and all of these technologies became obsolete in the late 1960s. The situation was similar with Monroe’s EPIC calculator line and Monroe seems to have decided to leave both of these markets rather than to invest in the next generation of technology.

DoPECC has considerable nostalgia for the Monrobot XI, as it was one of the first machines that the author had the opportunity to handle and become deeply familiar with. Little material seems to remain about this machine and sadly, it appears that there is no surviving hardware.

The images shown here are from Donald Caselli’s Monrobot photostream This is a very nice collection of original photos and promotional material. Recommended.

DoPECC is keen to hear of any surviving Monrobot XI or parts, please use the About/Contact link to pass on any information.