Both machines have been inspected for ongoing deterioration and cleaned.

The ABC 24 has had power supply restoration and test and has been powered up. It shows a signon and bootloader screen but without a bootable disk, no further progress can be made.

The ABC 26 awaits power supply restoration and test, before a power up can be attempted.

ABC 24 #1    Inspection, Cleaning and Power Supply

General condition was very good with no evident damage or missing pieces. Internally all was clean and in good condition other than the two drive belts in the disk drives, both of which had disintegrated.

After safety inspection and capacitor testing and reforming the power supply was started against dummy loads and found to be in good condition with corrrect regulation.

ABC 24 #2    First Power Up

First power up of the ABC 24 was successful in that the CRT shows a signon message and version code from the boot loader. The disk drive does not appear to load and it may be that an (unknown) command is needed to proceed.

ABC 26 #1    Inspection & Cleaning

The ABC 26 has been inspected and cleaned. It is in good condition with no damage and no obvious missing parts.

It now awaits power supply safety inspection and testing before a power up can be attempted.