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The ABC 24 and ABC 26 machines are closely related and share most of their hardware. The main differences are the size of the floppy disk drives. As a result, these machines will be described and documented together.

All original software for these machines has been lost. DoPECC is eager to obtain any items of original software in the hope that the original environment may ultimately be restored. Anyone with information is urged to make contact via the About/Contact link


Ai Electronics ABC 24 Computer

The Ai Electronics ABC 24 is a sophisticated desktop computer, introduced an about 1980.

It was based on a Z80A CPU with 64k RAM, integrated CRT display and two 5.25 inch floppy drives as standard. The hardware provided two serial, one parallel and one 4-channel GPIB port. The hardware design appears to have aimed for high performance and a maths coprocessor was provided as standard, a most unusual item in the early 1980s.

The software enviroment was similarly sophisticated with a choice of operating systems includeing Ai's proprietary DOSKET, CP/m and UCSD PASCAL. Application languages included FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC and PL/3.

Ai Electronics ABC 26 Computer

The ABC 26 computer was essentially the same as the ABC 24, except for having two 8 inch disk drives and a different cabinet to accomodate the larger drives. The hardware was otherwise identical and the same software environments could be operated on each model.