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DoPECC: Wang 360SE Calculator

The 360SE electronics package provided the same facilities as the 360E but allowed four keyboards to be attached, all being able to be used simultaneously and independently. The working and storage registers were replicated for each keyboard and the calculating logic was time shared between the keyboards. Four users could therefore share one electronics package and so long as one user did not manage to lock up the electronics with an error, all would be well.

Wang also produced tee-connectors which could split the cable from one electronics package connector to two (or even four) keyboards. Only one keyboard on each connector could be active at a time and this required co-operation between such users. Tee connectors could be used with SE packages to allow up to sixteen (!) keyboards on one electronics package and the possibilities for interaction and chaos among sixteen competing users can only be imagined…..

The 310E, 320E and 360E electronics packages were all available in “SE” form and the SE form was priced at about twice the E price. With four times the number of users for twice the price, plus extra keyboards, SE units offered significant saving for customers with large numbers of users. In 1968 the 360SE was listed at $3990, compared to $1995 for the 360E. See the original pricelists in the Wang Data section for further information.