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Basic fixes and planning next moves

The machine was fairly tidy and appeared complete and undamaged. Opening for inspection showed no damage, no signs of interferfence and no burns or other sign to suggest that a serious fault may be present. THere were a few missing screws but perhaps it’s not surprisng that the machine may have been dismanted (more than) once over its 50 year life

I prefer to fit an IEC socket if it will have only a small effect on the original appearance. In this case that was an easy thing to do.

Mains wiring standards were rather lower in the past, I always review all internal mains wiring and have a low threshold to replace and upgrade. Lead dress is improved, insulating sleeves added and caps placed over exposed terminals. In many cases I expect to spend some time on repairs and it’s important to insulate/cover all exposed mains terminals. Earth connections are inspected and upgraded where necessary.

With the general inspection being encouraging and the mains wiring upgraded the next steps were to review/restore the low voltage power supply and then attempt a power-up.