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Olympia RAE 4 / 15 Calculator

The Olympia RAE 4 / 15 is an early first-generation machine, fully transistorised with core memory.

It was introduced around the 1964-65 timeframe and therefore is a member of the “first electronic calculator” group of machines. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the designer(s) or the development of the machine. DoPECC would be very interested to receive any information on this subject.

The 4 / 15 is built in a style that strongly suggests is heritage as a first generation machine from a company with a long history in precision mechanical construction. There is an elaborate metal chassis with a myriad of brackets and fasteners, an intricate mechanical keyboard and a complex wiring loom that is carefully finished and dressed. A workforce of skilled craftspersons was clearly available and at this stage of the calculator business it was economic to employ these methods.