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IME 26 Technology

The IME 26 is clearly derived from the first-generation design, technology and hardware of its predecessors, the IME 84 and 86S.

The same stylish case and elegant internal construction is used. Single-sided PCB’s are placed in the same card cage, with some slots left empty.

The transistors are from a variety of manufacturers:

  • COSEM 2N1305 - Ge PNP - French
  • COSEM A 5 - Fench, 1968
  • COSEM A 6 - French, 1968
  • Raytheon T6055 -
  • Texas Instruments 2N398 - Ge PNP -
  • Texas Instruments A 5 - 1965 & 1968
  • Texas Instrumens A 6 - 1968
  • Texas Instruments GA3032C
  • Motorola SA865 - 1968

Most of the transisors are from COSEM, next most from TI. There are just two Raytheon transistors, in contrast to the IME 84 and 86S where over half of the transistors are Raytheon. It seems that IME’s very large supply of Raytheon transistors was finally exhausted by the time that the IME 26 was being built.

Refer to the IME 86S pages for further technical information.