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Burroughs C3317 Calculator

The Burroughs C3317, like the C3300, was designed and produced in Japan by Hayakawa, better known as Sharp.

The C3317 is a clear successor to the C3300, it retains the same basic layout, the ‘adding machine style’ equals key logic and two memories.

Importantly, the C3317 is now programmable with two program memory areas, selectable by the P1 / P2 slider switch.

Most importantly, the C3317 appears to have logical branching capability making loops and iterations possible. Early programmable machines often lacked loop and branch functions which rendered them very much less powerful and useful.

The C3317 has the multipin connector that was typical of early Sharp machines and it is located more conveniently on the rear of the case. It is unclear if this plug could be used for peripheral expansion or was simply for testing.