Discrete Diode-Transistor circuits, hardwired logic

Architecture, Memory & Speed

10 displayed digits, 1 sign digit and one decimal position digit. 16 digit word with 4 digits hidden to maintain accuracy.

Digits encoded as 4-bit BCD, digit-serial processing over 4-bit internal bus

Core memory, 32 x 16 digits x 4 bits = 2048 cores


The SE versions were built as extensions of the base E version, using many of the same circuit cards in an extended chassis.

The backplane in this SE is wired, using clips to connect each wire rather than solder or wire-wrap. Wire-wrap is a very robust and reliable connection technique and it remains to be seen if the clip method is so reliable after this unit has been stored under poor conditions.

The powe supply is based on the 360E design with duplication of high voltage supplies for the four keyboards.