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IME 86 S
User ManualIME 86 S User Manual
Programming CodesDG 308 program and punch codes for IME 86 S
1967 Prices1967 Purchase Order with prices for IME 86 S, accessories and support
See below for original IME 86 S circuit diagrams
IME Company
Rinaldi US Patent 3340524Massimo Rinaldi's US Patent #1 for calculator displays
Rinaldi US Patent 3358125Massimo Rinaldi's US Patent #2 for calculator displays

Special thanks to David Stokes, UK-based IME restorer, for discovering and sharing the following set of important documents

IME 86 S Original Circuit Diagrams
10-50001Decimal Counter
10-50002Decimal Position Counter
10-50003Enter / Shift
10-50004Sign Transfer
10-50006Overflow / Misc
10-50007Phase Control
10-50008Subroutine Scanner
10-50009Misc Programs
10-50010Mult Div Progs
10-50011Mult Progs
10-50012Sqrt Program
10-50013Special Ops
10-50014Progs Plus Mul Div
10-50015Progs Nn Sqrt
10-50016Key Scanner
10-50017Keybd Program
10-50018Sign Mems
50-50019Mem Selection
50-50020Row Circuits
50-50025Column Circuits
50-50030Clock Pulse
50-50031Decade Z
50-50032Decade X
50-50033Decade Y
50-50034Pulse Decoder
40-10017Power Supply