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Friden EC-130
US Patent 3430095Display subsystem developed by SRI for the EC-130
Note patent was submitted in 1965 and assigned to Friden Corp
US Patent 3523282Patent for Ragen's original drum based EC-130 prototype
US Patent 3546676Patent for the EC-130 4-counter machine as put into production
US Patent 3778778Further patent on EC-130 architecture
EC-130 "Computer Printout"An original document containing a structured complete logical and circuit description of the 4-counter EC-130.
Unfortunately, the logical structure is obscure and this puzzle is still to be decoded.
EC-130 Power SupplyReverse engineered circuit of the EC-130 power supply
CRT DatasheetManufacturer's data sheet for the 5DEP1 CRT used in the EC-130
Friden AdvertisementAdvertisement from 1964, just after the introduction of the EC-130
Friden 1162
Friden 1160/1162 User ManualOriginal User Manual for 1160/1162 machines
US Patent 3597600Friden 1160 patent
Friden 1203
... nothing yet ...
Friden General and Other Models
Singer 1115 Service ManualComplete technical data including principles of operation, timing & circuits
Also has pinouts of HD31xx series ICs