Discrete Transistor Logic

Architecture, Memory & Speed

14 displayed digits, 1 sign digit and one decimal position digit = 16 digit word

Digits encoded as 4-bit BCD, digit-serial processing over 4-bit internal bus

Core memory, 4 registers x 16 digits x 4 bits = 256 cores

@@kHz master clock, @@mS core cycle, @@mS full-number time


Ten double-sided boards plug into a hand-wired backplane.

Technical Analysis

The AL-1000 has been magnificently reverse-engineered, documented and analysed by Brent Hilpert.

Please visit his Old Calculator Museum for full technical information on the AL-1000 and on many other important and interesting machines.

Casio AL-1000 Internal Layout

Casio AL-1000 Chassis

Casio AL-1000 Keyboard & Power Supply

Casio AL-1000 Keyboard with Leaf Switches