About the DoPECC Site


This site is a private effort to share an interest in early electronic technology with fellow enthusiasts and those with a general interest in the subject.

The machines and the related technical data are both becoming harder to find and many examples are no doubt being lost. The internet provides a means to store and then share this information across a global audience.

The site is also intended to be a conduit for information and a place where information may be deposited and shared by those who may have items that may be of interest to collectors everywhere.

Information that is particularly sought includes:

  • Circuit Diagrams and Technical Manuals for any machines on this site
    • Friden EC 130 and EC 132 circuits are especially wanted
    • Sharp Hayakawa circuits for transistor and early IC machines are particularly wanted
  • Information about Ai Electronics ABC 24 and ABC 26 Computers
    • Any and all original software
    • Any and all circuits and technical manuals

Contact DoPECC

New information, comments, stories and anything else of interest may be sent to harry at dopecc dot net